Friday, August 14, 2009

EnvironMoto’s Friday Top Three! 14-AUG-2009

Our Friday Top Three new items from the week in green motorcycle racing and design.

Not the typical Friday Top Three for today. We’re just getting back into the groove of putting up regular posts again, so we’ll mention some interesting and notable news items in no particular order.

1 - Brammo:
Lots of activity at Brammo. Craig Bramscher (@brammocraig) and Brammo apparently never sleep. Tons of activity going on in Oregon. Our theory is that all of the energy being expended by Brammo and the CP+B interns is what is really causing the abnormally hot weather in the Pacific Northwest this summer.

As usual, EM will direct you to BrammoFan (@brammofan) for all the latest Brammo-info. Yes indeed, we figure BrammoFan never sleeps... he’s feeding off all that extra Brammo energy as well. Go to and check out the potential Brammo brand logos, and be sure to vote for your favorite BrammoFan logo as well.

2 - Mission Motors:
Mission hasn’t been sitting still either. Since the TTXGP they have moved into a new facility in San Francisco, and hosted the premier of the official TTXGP DVD as we mentioned in our last Friday Top Three.

There has not been much published news on Mission One production or further race plans, so we have to guess that they are focusing on infrastructure, engineering, and financials.

Which brings us to…

3 - Rumor City:
Via Twitter last week, @davejevans mentioned to @skadamo ( that he was going to Mission for a track test this week. Yesterday, @davejevans said that he had indeed ridden a Mission test bike that day. Coincidently, @backmarker also mentioned yesterday “Wow. That was a nice way to spend Thursday morning!”


Knowing full well that @backmarker (Mark Gardiner) is privy to Mission Motors inner workings, EM surmises that something has been brewing in the Bay area. Glue yourself to Twitter (including @MissionMotors), and check for Gardiner’s weekly Backmarker column. Since is also in the San Fran area, we’ll be checking with them as well. We suspect that some interesting news is coming soon.

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