Friday, June 19, 2009

EnvironMoto’s Friday Top Three! For 19-JUN-2009

Our Friday top 3 news items from the week in the world of green motorcycle racing and design:

Since we’ve thrown up a poll involving the three teams committed to the AMA eGrandPrix this morning, and the TTXGP has been in the books for a week, our Friday Top Three this week will feature Brammo, Mission Motors, and MotoCzysz explaining their TTXGP experience in their own words.

1 – Brammo
- For the best/latest info follow CEO, Craig Bramscher on Twitter @BrammoCraig, and you absolutely have to dial in Brammofan:

2 – Mission Motors
- Mission Motors Blog: Blogging the TTXGP: Final Results and Reflections

3 – MotoCzysz
- MotoCzysz Blog: Read Michael Czysz’s extremely detailed and EXCELLENT account of the TTXGP happenings as related to MotoCzysz: TTXgp V1.0

Photo: Mark Miller at the TTXGP via MotoCzysz

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Brammofan said...

Thanks, Christian. I've enjoyed reading your posts and am looking forward the second part of your TTXGP series. Keep up the good work!