Wednesday, June 10, 2009

TTXGP Tuesday Practice Times!

Here’s the practice times from yesterday’s delayed (from Monday) first TTXGP practice session.
PRO Class times
Team Agni (Rob Barber): 26:41 (85.7mph lap)
Mission Motors (Thomas Montano): 33:45 (67.68mph)
XXL (Thomas Schoenfelder): 34.07 (66.45mph)
Brammo/Bike (Roy Richardson): 35:47 (63.83mph)
Brammo/Bike (Mark Buckley): 35:52 (63.74mph)
HTBLAUVA – TGM (Paul Dobbs): 41:53 (54.51mph)

Open Class times (£30,000 bike price limit)
ManTTx Racing (Dan Kneen): 32:01 (70.73mph)
Barefoot Motors Racing (Chris Petty): 33:35 (67.89mph)
Electric Motorsport (Chris Heath): 36:26 (62.44mph)
NSR - Kingston University (George Spence): 40:44 (55.98mph)

These are all the teams who have made the time cutoff. There is a lot of interesting behind the scenes stuff going down that we’ll report on later today. The second Practice/Qualifying session is scheduled for today dependent on the weather. The news is coming in fast and furious.

Make sure you vote for the top US team and stay tuned!

Source: MCN

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