Friday, November 6, 2009

EnvironMoto’s Friday Top Three! 06-NOV-2009

Back with a vengeance… for now anyway!

So yeah, we’ve been slacking. For today’s Top Three we are going to highlight articles from three of EM’s electric motorcycle racing allies. Enjoy.

1 – Mavizen TTX02 Unveiled

Jenny Gun’s super-sharp eyes picked up on the striking similarity between the chassis of the early teaser photos of the Mavizen TTX02 and the KTM RC8. Low and behold, she was dead on. Mavizen has clearly sourced chassis from KTM for their race bike. Why develop a chassis when that isn’t your core competency? Instead Mavizen can focus on mass optimization, packaging of their powertrain, and development of electronic equipment. Smart move.

Link to the detailed A&R article: Here

2 – Mavizen Launch at SEMA/Announcement of First US TTXGP Round

The Mavizen TTX02 is looking to be one bad racing machine. It looks the part, and for a mass-produced spec racer it ups the competition for other manufacturers, particularly those based in the US. You know who you are!

Also announced at the annual SEMA show was the date and location for the inaugural TTXGP US Series race. Electric bike action will happen May 14-16, 2010 at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, CA. The e-roadracers will run in conjunction with AMA Superbikes at the track formerly known as Sears Point. Whether or not the AMA series even happens this year is another topic all together, but we’ll leave that for another day.

Link to the detailed PlugBike article: Here
3 – Brian’s Enertia

Okay, so not totally racing related, but this article highlights the personal Brammo Enertia of Lead Designer Brian Wismann. He’s made some very tasty and tasteful mods to the bike that even a racer can appreciate. More importantly, Brian alludes to an upcoming ‘performance package’ to be made available for the Enertia at some point in the future.

EM is a big fan of the Enertia but we would certainly love to see a production version of the Enertia TTR race bike made available at some point. Until then sportier Enertia performance will pacify us.

Link to the detailed article: Here


Brammofan said...

Thanks, Christian. I'm honored, as always.
Oh... and plugbike had that Mavizen story (albeit, w/o the hidden picture giveaway) about an hour before Asphalt&Rubber. However, we're all adults here. I suggest they fight it out with Indian Leg Wrestling. John? Jenny? You ready?

Jenny Gun said...

Whoa Indian leg wrestling??! How about I just concede the victory to PlugBike?

Not to split hairs though BF, Plugbike was definitely first with the story, but not by an hour. That site is on CST, whereas A&R is on EST, which makes for the hour difference.

Anonymous said...

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Jane said...

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