Friday, January 22, 2010

EnvironMoto’s Friday Top Three! 21-JAN-2010

1 – Brammofan and Skadamo on EVCast Tomorrow (Saturday 23-Jan-2010)

Harry Mallin (@Brammofan, and others), John Adamo (@skadamo,, and many others), will join Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield (@aminorjourney) for a discussion of all things electric motorcycle, including TTXGP and Brammo motorcycles on EVCast. Tune in… or suck!

2 – KRON4 Interview with Azhar “The Czar” Hussain via

Video from the TV interview this week with TTXGP founder (and creator of electric motorcycle roadracing as we know it), Azhar Hussain. Short, but worth hearing what Azhar has to say. Also worth browsing around the PlugBike site while you are there. Also check out @skadamo’s Asphalt and Rubber article on the sole FIM ePower series entrant, Epo-Bike.

3 – RoadRacerX: Backmarker and Umbrella Girl of the Year Contest

RRX’s Mark Gardiner (@backmarker) gives his summary of what he thinks the TTXGP rules should consist of in this weeks Backmarker. Have to say I agree. You also only have a few hours left to vote for 2009 MotoGP Umbrella Girl of the Year and win some RRX swag.

EnvironMoto Note:
By the way, if you aren’t on Twitter, you will not understand the @, and you are sooo 2008.

Photo: Azhar Hussain and the Mavizen race bike via


Brammofan said...

Honored, I am. Humbled even. Glad to see you back in the saddle.

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