Monday, July 6, 2009

ACU and TTXGP Announce UK National Series

The ACU (Auto-Cycle Union) and TTXGP announced the first national series in the world for zero-carbon motorcycle roadracing.

Regulation and management of the series will be comprised of ACU and TTXGP representatives.

This is yet another landmark for the burgeoning sport of electric motorcycle roadracing. It’s also a representation of how quickly Azhar Hussain and his TTXGP team are proving that the green motorcycle racing is a viable motorsport with tremendous future potential.

The series is set to start in 2010 and will consist of 4 races in the United Kingdom. It is not yet announced what tracks the races will be held at, what the rules and classifications are, or which teams may participate. Stay tuned.

Link to announcement: ACU Road Racing and eGrandPrix

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