Friday, July 17, 2009

EnvironMoto’s Friday Top Three! 17-JUL-2009

Our Friday Top Three new items from the week in green motorcycle racing and design.

A bit of a slow week in news, and I’ve personally been extremely busy with projects (hence the lack of commentary). Next week isn’t looking much better at this point. So, I’m going to list out our top three motorcycle road racing specific websites which are certainly worth a visit:

1 –

The well written news site run by Dean Adams. You cannot beat the attitude and atmosphere Superbike Planet has built over the years. Some of the best racing and paddock photos around. Articles by Evan Williams and Julian Ryder, as well as racers like Roger Lee Hayden, Matt Mladin, and Ben Spies. Can’t say enough about Soup.

2 –

A relative newbie (for someone who’s been around road racing for 20 years or so like me anyway). RRX’s Chris Jonnum is a gifted writer and has really created a phenomenal rag full of incredible photography and great writing. Mark Gardiner’s Backmarker column alone makes it worth a visit every week. The website is great, but you can also subscribe to the full electronic version of the magazine. RRX has many racers who contribute regularly (like Colin Edwards and Nicky Hayden), and has become a well respected entity on the road racing scene.

3 –

Road Racing World is the master creation of John Ulrich. The magazine is the first hardcore roadracing media I had ever encountered. Always full of details of every possible road race around the globe. RRW is famous for their massive contribution to rider safety in US road racing. Great articles, strong commentary, and the website is always quick with updates on race weekends. Good stuff.

Photo: Casey Stoner at USGP 2009 via

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