Friday, July 10, 2009

EnvironMoto’s Friday Top Three: 10-JUL-2009

Our Friday Top Three new items from the week in green motorcycle racing and design.

1 – Agni Plans to Take Over the World!

The TTXGP blog posted a short interview with Team Agni Motors racer and inaugural TTXGP Pro Class Champion, Rob Barber from the Goodwood Festival of Speed (UK). In the interview, Rob mentions that he and Agni intend to become world champions next year with the Agni X01. A clear reference to the FIM/TTXGP world championship series slated for 2010. We’ll take that as a “we’re in” statement from Agni. Go to the TTXGP blog here: TTX Teams at Goodwood

2 – First Brammo Rolls Out First Production Enertia Electric Motorcycles

Yes indeed, another mention of Brammofan has been keeping close track of all the happenings at Brammo and following their activity like paparazzi on a pop starlet. For all we know, he may even have some compromising photos of Craig Bramscher… Link to: Brammo’s First Ride

3 – Mark Miller’s TTXGP Wrap-Up Blog

We meant to post this link a couple of weeks ago, but it’s worth revisiting. If you don’t know, Mark not only rode the MotoCzysz E1pc in the inaugural TTXGP, but he also rode in petrol powered classes at the TT (the fastest American!). While racing the Senior TT, Miller was nearly killed when he high-sided his Superbike at 130mph. Mark kept a great blog on the entire time and relays his near-death experience in the final post. To understand how lucky Mark was, click here to read his account: Mark Miller’s TT Blog; Final Report

Special Note: Today also happens to be Nikola Tesla’s birthday. Tesla is probably the most under-acknowledged pioneer and inventor in electricity. He made Edison look smart, he gave us AC power, and so much more. He is the reason all of us are able to take electricity for granted. Born at midnight in a severe lightning storm, Tesla was an amazing genius whose goal was to give power to everyone in the world. A forward thinker, Tesla even foresaw the world’s need to lessen it’s reliance on fossil fuels a hundred years ago. If you aren’t aware of Tesla’s contributions to society, do yourself a favor and at least check out the wiki on him: Wikipedia: Nikola Tesla

Top Photo: Agni X01 in action at TTXGP, via Motorcycle-USA

Middle Photo: Miller’s Superbike aftermath, via RoadRacerX
Bottom Photo: Nikola Tesla, via The Internet

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