Friday, May 22, 2009

Best Electric Motorcycle News of the Week Revolves Around: Mission Motorcycles

Asphalt and Rubber: Mission Motors CEO Interview – Electrification is Coming
- A great interview with Mission Motors CEO and co-founder Forest North. Some good insight into Mission’s approach and direction in electric motorcycles.

RoadracerX: Backmarker column by Mark Gardiner: Run, Forest, Run
- Gardiner gets inside Mission Motors and interviews Mission’s President, Edward West, and CEO and co-founder Forest North. Some great biographical information on North as well. Gardiner also got some of the inside scoop on the Mission One TTXGP bike during it’s Infineon Raceway shakedown a few weeks ago. Yes, Mission has an experienced TT rider, Tom Montano, and enough brainpower to make nearly anything work.
- This article is the third in Mark Gardiner’s detailed series on electric motorcycle manufacturers. Make sure you read the previous two on Zero and Brammo.

Mission Motors: Mission Motors Preparing for the TTxGP: Photoset, by Edward West
- This blog entry is a little bit dated now, but does link to photos and video of the Mission One TTXGP in action.

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