Monday, May 18, 2009

Brammo: The Enertia and Racing are First Steps to Performance Electric Motorcycles

EnvironMoto has gushed about Brammo, the Enertia electric motorcycle design, and the paradigm shift which will result from selling motorcycles at Best Buy in past posts. The Enertia is a cool commuter motorcycle designed to be a stylish, rider-friendly, alternative to a bicycle or scooter for the aesthetically-inclined, green urban commuter.

In an excellent (as always) Backmarker article on last week, Mark Gardiner spoke with Brammo founder and CEO, Craig Bramscher. Bramscher explains how the original intention of Brammo was to design and build an American, V-12 supercar, but that impetus evolved into the more environmentally responsible Enertia electric motorcycle. Bramscher also states that Brammo sees their involvement in competition as the way to develop viable long distance technology for future production performance electric motorcycles.

Gardiner also interviews recently hired Brammo PR Guy, John Harris in his May 7th Backmarker column. Both articles provide a glimpse into Brammo’s marketing and sales direction. Best Buy will be the vessel that places the Enertia and future models in front of the masses. A boutique style, store within a store dedicated to Brammo motorcycles takes away some of the powersports shop intimidation, and introduces electronics and media shoppers to electric motorcycles.

Source: RoadRacerX via skadamo (ElectricMotorcycleForum) via AutoblogGreen

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