Friday, May 1, 2009

Bombardier EMBRIO

This is a blast from the past. Okay, a blast from only three years back but that is an eternity on the web. The Bombardier EMBRIO is still a fascinating concept. If you don’t remember it, or haven’t seen it before, check out this article on Gizmag from “back in the day”.

We’ve dug up the EMBRIO to post on EnvironMoto because it’s a great concept that still looks cool and is still relevant in the ‘green’ (or ‘blue’ if you are reading this in Europe) motorcycle world. The intentions of the concept were to offer a cooler and sportier counterpoint to the amazingly lame Segway Personal Transporter. Bombardier did not intend for the Embrio to be a high performance sport motorcycle like the Mission One or EV-o RR.

The EMBRIO concept is enticing and you have to wonder what it would be like to ride a high performance mono-wheel sportbike. As electric motorcycle design continues to evolve, maybe we will see the EMBRIO or a machine like it come to fruition.

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