Friday, May 22, 2009

Electric Culture: Rockers versus Mods

Rockers (loosely defined): A post-war British motorcycle subculture defined by their black leather jackets and rough looks, love of early American rock and roll music, and a penchant for powerful performance bikes. Fierce rivals of the Mods.

Mods (loosely defined): A post-war British scooter subculture defined by their clean-cut business suits, taste for R&B music, and bent for step-thru scooters of the day. Fierce rivals of the Rockers.

To avoid any confusion, EnvironMoto is a Rocker blog for the electric bike scene. We’re interested in the baddest EMs. We proudly lean toward the most evil side of green motorcycling, notably sportbikes and racing. We love the machines that race, have incredible performance, and look the part.

We’re not going to diss electric scooters, minibikes, electric bicycles, or even their riders. We’re certainly not going slip-on the brass knuckles and bust their heads in on the streets. Truth is, the Mods of the electric motorcycle world are doing great things for motorcycling and the environment. They are making machines like the Oset that get kids on bikes and open up riding areas, or powered bicycles that possibly make the transition from bicycle to real motorcycle more palatable for Joe Commuter.

We appreciate the more gentle side of electric motorcycling for sure… we can’t even guarantee that we won’t ever comment on a particularly cool bicycle or scooter. But rest assured that our focus will be on the slickest and most aggressive motorcycles the green motorcycle industry has to offer.

Stay tuned.


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